Club Section

What is it?

Club section is an informal gathering of ASV members for the purposes of sharing time and developing friendships within the Society and to exchange expertise and information on points of astronomical interest. There are no prerequisites necessary to attend Club Section.

Getting there - where and when

Club section meets at the Society's clubrooms on the first and the last Friday of each month (public holidays and other days during the festive season excepted) between 8.00pm and 11.00pm. Members may arrive or depart the clubrooms at any time between these hours.

On arrival

There are no street parking restrictions in the vicinity of the clubrooms. On arrival, walk the length of the driveway and enter into the property's backyard via the blue and white double gates (please do not ring the house front door bell). The door to the clubrooms is immediately on the right beyond the gates. There is no need to knock, simply enter. It is important that all attendees to Club Section (whether members or not) sign the Attendance Book.

Who to meet

The Section Director will be only too pleased to welcome any new visitor to the clubrooms, explain the activities of the Section and exhibit the 20-inch (500mm) diameter telescope. The Director will point out the facilities of the clubrooms and introduce newcomers to other club attendees.

What happens then

As Club Section is an informal gathering, what ensues depends upon the weather and the group present. Some attendees will view the sky (on clear nights) through the society's 20-inch scope and/or other members' telescopes, others will use the computer for the many astronomical programs, while some others may prefer to peruse the range of books and magazines available at the clubrooms and discuss various topics of interest over a cup of tea or coffee.

The 20-inch Le Marquand telescope

Next to the clubrooms is an observatory, which houses the 20-inch (500mm) diameter, f4 focal ratio Le Marquand telescope. This telescope was made, almost exclusively, by dedicated ASV members and is available under the supervision of a trained demonstrator, for viewing by all members on Friday nights.

Other club activities

Club Section may on occasion display a short video or film, or provide part of the clubrooms as the venue for a speaker on an astronomical topic. Advance notification of such events will usually be given.

On departure

Members may leave Club Section at any time between 8.00pm and 11.00pm. The only courtesy required is that members depart as quietly as possible as the clubrooms are within a residential area.