Computing Section

The computing section of the ASV meets on the first Monday of each month at 8:00pm, except for January, Mostly via Zoom and other Online medium. When some appropriate clubrooms are available for us, we may also do some onsite meetings, typically We expect these may involve practical elements, such as programming sessions, or Project presentations from Group members who have done something fantastic to show the group and Online just won't cut it!

The objectives of the section are to study, apply and enjoy the use of any computing systems, small or large. Interest in the group ranges over such areas as using various astronomy software programs, installing hardware components, local networking, performing graphic image manipulation, telescope control, and learning basic computer operations just to name a few. Knowledge in the group is varied, and while none of us claim to be experts we will offer advice and assistance where we can.

The Computing section will also take on a further role of managing some of the ASV's Computer and Networking facilities. In particular at LMDSS and the ASV Clubrooms.

We even have several Virtualisation projects under way which we hope to update you on as soon as possible.

If you don't know anything about computing but are eager to learn, you would like to investigate something specific, or you just want to have a cup of coffee (virtual or otherwise!) and chat about computers, then feel free to come along.