ASV - Space Exploration Section

Lunar GatewayThe Space Exploration Section of the ASV targets How We Explore our Universe. Robotic craft, the Science of Discovery, Lunar Outposts, Martian Colonies, Life on Europa, its all out there waiting to be discovered.

We will learn about how small our Planet is, how precious life is, look for life elsewhere in the Universe. We can discover together as a Section with projects that will connect us to Space!

All of these are possible and by joining in activities with other sections we can achieve more together than by ourselves by utilising the Radio Astronomy Section, Astrophotography Section, Instrument Building and Optical Astronomy.

Section meeting times are the first Thursday night of the month at 8pm. We all look forward to getting back to face-to-face meetings but for those members out in the country we will always have a Zoom session running. To get the link to our Zoom meetings go to the Member Meetings page

The ASV Library has a huge collection of books on Space Exploration so, once we are allowed back to the Library don't hesitate to borrow some books. 

Please include the Space Exploration Section mail group located at as we will be sending out regular section emails. We currently have a Facebook group set up for the Space Exploration Section. If thats your thing please request to join the group.

Space Exploration Links
Visit the NASA Solar System Exploration website!
Explore the sky with Stellarium - Windows/Mac/Linux versions available or Try the web browser version.


Katie Green

ASV Space Exploration Section Director