ASV Lodge

The ASV owns a residential property in suburban Melbourne. The house at the front of the property is rented out to tenants. The ASV Lodge and Observatory / workshop are located in the back yard.

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Leon Mow Dark Sky Site

The ASV also owns a country property that can be used by members to observe the night skies away form the light pollution of Melbourne. Located north of Melbourne, the site is well equipped with :

ASV Members are free to use the facilities at any time. The general public are able to visit twice a year at the annual Messier Star Party (held around March) and the annual Christmas Star-B-Que. Precise dates are published on the events calendar page.

Members can obtain further information, including maps, on the LMDSS information page.


The society's extensive library is located at the Melbourne Observatory and is open during Monthly Meeting times.

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ASV Library by Linda Richmond

20-inch Le Marquand Telescope

The ASV has a 20-inch telescope located at the ASV Lodge.

Telescopes for Loan

The ASV has a number of excellent quality telescopes for loan to members. This is a popular service and there can be a waiting period. Details can be viewed here.

25-inch Telescope

The ASV has a 25-inch telescope at the Leon Mow Dark Sky Site.

25-inch Obsession