LMRO All-Sky Camera

The Sky Chart is updated each time the page is refreshed, image courtesy of Heavens-Above with thanks to Chris Peat.

All Sky Camera at ATCA Narrabri

Parkes Webcam

Technical details for the Parkes Webcam

New Norcia DSA-1

New Norcia ESA Ground Station

Mopra Webcam

VLA Webcam

ALMA Webcam

A live webcam at the ALMA Observatory, Chile.

SYOWA Station - Antarctica

Syowa (or Showa) Station is a Japanese research station on East Ongul Island in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica.

Australian Antarctic Research Stations

The Australian Government has research bases at Casey, Mawson, Davis and MacQuarie Island. The webcam pages have some very interesting information including time lapse video. Well worth a visit to this site.