Meteor Section

The section aims to study meteors. For further information contact section director Con Stoitsis


Membership of the Meteor section is open to all ASV members.

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Leonids 2001

This is a 2:32 video of the Leonid meteor storm taken on 18.11.2001 by ASV member Fred Koch. It's a compilation of 43 meteors he was lucky to catch on a video camera/image intensifier.

The Great Daylight 1972 Fireball

On August 10, 1972, an impressive fireball was filmed by Linda Baker while she was on vacation at the Grand-Teton national park using an 8 mm camera. It's believed the object was between 3 and 14 meters in diameter. Since there was no explosion reported, it's believed the object grazed Earth's atmosphere and then returned to its orbit around the Sun.

Source: Wikipedia.