Radio Astronomy Section


The Radio Astronomy Section is over 30 years old and conducts regular monthly meetings at 8pm via Zoom or at the Society`s clubrooms on the third Monday night of the month. Members show strong interests in Radio Astronomy, electronics, computing, RF instrumentation and elements of Cosmology!

The member's of this group have also been involved in many projects over the years culminating it what could be described as a science station at the Leon Mow Radio Observatory near Heathcote, Victoria. Not only delving into radio but also geo science phenomena.
Our largest and most successful project yet has been to construct a fully steerable 8.5 meter radio astronomy dish.  

LMRO 8.5 Meter Radio Astronomy Dish

All observations by our Radio Observatory are displayed on the Leon Mow Radio Observatory pages.

The section has provided guest speakers presenting Radio Astronomy topics throughout Victoria and look forward to presenting well in to the future.

Phil Costigan - Section Director.

You can email Phil at


Aside from the Radio Astronomy, we have a member who conducts the ASV's "Astronomy Radio Broadcast" every Friday night.
For over 20 years Russell Ward (VK3DRW) conducted the ASV Astronomy Radio Broadcast on the 80 meter Amateur Radio Band on a frequency of 3541KHz every Friday night at 10 pm covering most of Australia using the society's radio callsign VK3EKH. In 2009 Russell handed the microphone over to Clint Jeffrey (VK3CSJ) who continues to run the station from the studios at Narre Warren South.

Information about the Station can be found at