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Astronomy with an E

ASV monthly meeting 9 October 2013.
Presented by Assoc. Prof. Christopher Fluke, Swinburne University of Technology.
Christopher speaks on the topic of Astronomy with an E, the role of gSTAR and massive data exploration e-research in modern astronomy.
For further information visit Chris Fluke's page at


Observing Obscure Deep Sky Objects

ASV monthly meeting 11 September 2013.
Presented by Joe Grida, Astronomical Society of South Australia.
Joe speaks on the topic of observing obscure deep sky objects.
For further information, visit the ASSA website at


Backyard Suburban Astrophotography

ASV monthly meeting 14 August 2013. Presented by Jim Katsifolis, ASV Year Book editor.
Jim presents his experiences and some of this images and performs a demonstration using RegiStax. For further information, visit Jim's page


The Edge of the Universe

ASV monthly meeting 12 June 2013. Presented by Ross Berner, director of the ASV Cosmology and Astrophysics section.