Junior Section


The Junior Section meetings are held on the second Friday of each month at the Melbourne Observatory.

Potential members and their parent/guardian are welcome to come along to observe and take part in the activities prior to making a commitment to join the Astronomical Society of Victoria. Please contact the Director at the e-mail address listed below.

Parents/Guardians are very welcome and are expected to accompany their child for the duration of the meeting and enjoy the activities.

Meetings start at 7.30 pm  and last approximately 1-½ hours.

Subjects vary from finding your way round the Night Sky, Astro-photography, how to choose a telescope, Black holes, the size of the Universe, the solar system, how do stars work, to Atomic Physics & Cosmology.  We also  talk about Space News and current events in space

 email:  juniors@asv.org.au

Meeting Dates 2023


All meetings will also be over the Zoom format until further notice

Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83010068677?pwd=OTQ2RWNuRU9vbTRORStrTm5SU2w0QT09
Meeting ID: 830 1006 8677
Password: 938663



A Junior Section Registration Form which is handed out at our meetings, is used to record details of your address, phone number, ASV Membership Number etc, as well as your interests in the field of astronomy. Please complete the 2016 form and return it to me at the Junior meeting. (When joining the ASV,  Membership is completed on-line  through this website.)

If possible, please bring the following items to each meeting. A pen or pencil; torch with a red filter (Red cellophane held with an elastic band is fine) and Binoculars if you have access to them. The ASV can loan you a pair on the night if you don't have any. For past members please bring your folder, logbook and Planisphere. New members will be issued with a folder and logbook. All other materials will be provided for our activities. Weather permitting, we will be observing through our telescopes. If you have a telescope, you are most welcome to bring it along. We can, if necessary, help you to set it up, teach you how to use it and all enjoy an extra instrument.


The overall objective will be to encourage Junior Members in their study of Astronomy, and to support and foster individual interests within the discipline. An important aspect will be the acquiring of practical skills of observation based on the fundamental understanding of the motion of the stars, moon and planets across the sky. Recording of your observations in a logbook is encouraged.


The program will involve the following:

Emphasis will be given to practical observations using the naked eye, binoculars and telescopes. Observation of the Sun will be done in conjunction with the Solar Section. It is most important to emphasise the potential hazards and how instruments are fitted with special solar filters to make viewing safe.


IMPORTANT: NEVER EVER look at the Sun with your naked eyes or through binoculars or telescope!


If you have any queries please contact me on juniors@asv.org.au

Chris Rudge, Section Director.