LMRO Media Page

The LMRO Media section contains links to Radio Astronomy related material elsewhere on the Internet. These can be in the form of Video presentations, web pages or PDF documents. Many links now have a pop-up information box.

Web Browser Astronomy Lectures

Radio Astronomy Prof. Dale E. Gary NJIT

1) Introduction to Radio Astronomy
2) Radio Emission Mechanisms
3) Radiative Transfer
4) Primary Antenna Elements
5) Front End Receiving System
6) Fourier Synthesis Imaging
7) The Receiving System for Interferometry
8) More on Correlation
9) Calibration
10) Solar Radio Emission I
11) Solar Radio Emission II
12) Astronomical Radio Emission

SARA - Introduction to Radio Astronomy

Introduction To Radio Astronomy - Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers

NRAO Essential Radio Astronomy

NRAO - Essential Radio Astronomy Course
Or for access to the course literature in PDF format CLICK HERE

Swinburne SAO

COSMOS - The Swinburne Astronomy Online Encyclopedia.
Cosmos is a unique astronomy reference written by research astronomers.

Radio Astronomy Websites

Very Large Array - VLA Explorer
The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA)
The Long Wavelength Array - New Mexico

CSIRO Radio Astronomy School

ATNF Programme 2009
ATNF Programme 2010
ATNF Programme 2011
ATNF Programme 2012
ATNF Programme 2014
ATNF Programme 2015
ATNF Programme 2017
ICRAR Conference Radio School 2018

Podcast Media Programs

Planetary Society Radio Shows

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HTML5 Audio/Video Stream

Listen to the ASV Broadcast on Friday Nights 10pm

*****Listen On-Line using the KiwiSDR receiver at Freemans Reach, NSW.
Tune in to 3541 KHz Lower Sideband.

ASV Streaming Server for Whistler - For Active Stream Info

Coming soon! YouTube! - With luck we'll have a YouTube stream.

BATC TV - VK3RTV Channel 1 and 2