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Missed a monthly meeting?? You can now catch up on the ASV YouTube channel

To view online Section meetings that were recorded.

Crux Online

The PDF version of Crux is now available for download by members.


Introduction to Telescopes

This is an Introduction to Telescopes which will give you information on what telescope to buy and which ones to avoid when choosing your first telescope.

Introduction to Telescopes 

What Telescope to Buy


This Way to the Stars podcasts

This Way to the Stars is a beginner's guide to astronomy in Victoria by Elise Bianchi. So far:-

Episode 5. In this episode, I speak with Jim Pollock, Director of the Great Melbourne Telescope restoration section. Jim tells us about the history and origins of the Great Melbourne Telescope, which was once the largest fully steerable telescope in the world, and the long road to restoring it.

Episode 4. In this episode, I speak with Ken Le Marquand, past president of the ASV and section director of the New Astronomers Group. We talk about how the New Astronomers Group has changed over the years, what it has to offer for new members, and how to get involved.

Episode 3. In this episode, I speak with Phil Hart, astronomer and astrophotographer, two-time winner of the David Malin astrophotography award and author of the Shooting Stars ebook. We talk about how astrophotography works, and where to start if you're interested in pursuing night sky photography or astrophotography.

Episode 2. In this episode, I speak with Michael Mattiazzo, comet hunter and discoverer of eight SWAN comets. We discuss Michael's discovery of Comet C/2020 F8 SWAN, how to view comets, Comet Halley, and more.

Episode 1. In this episode, I speak with Clint Jeffrey, Section Director for Radio Astronomy at the ASV. We discuss the science behind radio astronomy, the story behind the new Leon Mow Radio Telescope, and more. 


ASV Items For Sale

A section in the ASV Forum has been created for members wanting to buy or sell Astronomical Items.

Please log in to the Members Only section and visit the Forum or click on the 'Chat' icon.


The Great Melbourne Telescope Restoration Project

Here's a link to a story by Liz Clarkson with a number of images of ASV members hard at work in restoring the Great Melbourne Telescope. It gives a little bit of history and outlines the aims and current status of the project to bring this telescope back to Melbourne Observatory, in a working condition for members of the public to look through. It was once the largest steerable telescope in the world back in the late 1880s.